The diverse and varied terrain of this karst landscape offers endless possibilities for off-road cycling.


The Karst under your feet

One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking.


Rock Climbing

Climbing on the natural cliffs


The Underground World of the Karst

The limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface.

Rilke trail

Lenght: 2 km
Duration of hike:
1 h

Sesljan (Sistiana) and Devin (Duino) are connected by the 2 km Rilke Trail running along the Karst Edge above the Gulf of Trieste. The trail was named after the Austrian poet Rilke, who was inspired to write his Duino Elegies while staying in Duino Castle and walking atop the nearby cliffs. The trail is wide and leads across the high limestone cliffs of Duino, right where there were observation posts during World War II. Along the way, you can descend the stairs into a bunker, which is now a lookout point overlooking the lower part of the coast. Along the way visitors can see interesting karstic features such as grooves and karren and also some fossil remains of corals, snails, algae, etc. At individual segments there are lookout points where you can relax on the benches and enjoy the sea air. In fine weather with good visibility, there are wonderful views of the northern Adriatic Sea, the whole Gulf of Trieste and Miramare Castle, the Slovenian coast, and all the way to Savudrija. In about half an hour you will reach Devin, where you can see the Duino Castle which you were able to see almost the entire way. This stone trail is easy and suitable for everyone - for a family outing, a relaxing stroll or a romantic day out.


Attractions: Duino Castle, Miramare Castle and park, White Lady, Glinščica Valley, the city of Trieste, Sistiana, Briščki - Briškovska Cave (Grotta Gigante).



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