The diverse and varied terrain of this karst landscape offers endless possibilities for off-road cycling.


The Karst under your feet

One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking.


Rock Climbing

Climbing on the natural cliffs


The Underground World of the Karst

The limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface.


One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking. As a fairly simple but enjoyable form of recreation, hiking is now becoming increasingly widespread and popular in Slovenia.


Owing to their geographical position, the Karst and the entire Primorska region offer several well-marked and well-maintained mountain trails to choose from regardless of the season. From various hilltops ranging from 500 to 1700 meters in altitude you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding landscape. These hills are also suitable for less experienced hikers and families with small children, although the appropriate hiking boots and sportswear should nevertheless not be forgotten.


Some landscapes are best experienced on foot so we can fully enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature. The Karst offers pleasant, relaxing walks, thematic trails and intermediate-level hiking tours. During your relaxing or active vacation, hiking tours are perfect for exploring the sights of the region. There certainly is a variety of choices suitable for everyone. At Villa Dane we will equip you with all the necessary information so that you are able to set out on wonderful walks around the Karst and its surroundings. We will be happy to accompany you on your hikes upon request.


Themed hiking trails - easier

Pliska trail


The Pliska Trail invites you to just under six kilometres of an educational walk down the pathways winding along stone walls, across a Karst meadow and past chalets and cultivated sinkholes. The path leads across the flat, rugged heart of the Karst.




Divača Karst


The Divača Karst Natural Educational Trail leads around the large Risnik Doline and presents many karstic features along the way. The tour can also include a visit to the Divača Cave.




Rilke trail


Sesljan (Sistiana) and Devin (Duino) are connected by the 2 km Rilke Trail that runs along the Karst Edge above the Gulf of Trieste. The trail is wide and runs above the high limestone cliffs of Duino. Along the way hikers can see interesting karstic formations such as grooves and karren, and also some fossil remains of corals, snails, algae, etc.



Škocjan educational trail

The Škocjan Educational Trail is about a 2 km long circular path that leads through the Škocjan Caves Park. On the way you will be able to enjoy the view of the neighbouring hills, collapse dolines, the intermittent Reka River, precipitous walls, mills on the river, the Okroglica abyss, the village pond and traditional Karst architecture. The descent into the Škocjan Caves will give you the opportunity to also explore the underworld of the Karst.





Napoleonic road”

The Napoleonic Road is a 5 km footpath leading from Občine to Prosek. It begins at the Obelisk in Občine from where we have a wonderful view of the Gulf of Trieste.





A Walk along the Karst Edge

Karst Edge is the name of the region where the limestone karst plateau with its steep and tectonically fragmented edge turns into a flysch-based landscape of Slovenian Istria. In addition to its beautiful meadows and spectacular views, the Karst Edge is also known as a real paradise for sport climbing.




Kosovel educational trail

The Kosovel Educational Trail runs along the route on which poet Srečko Kosovel used to walk home from Sežana to Tomaj. The path takes us along its cart tracks, across a karst meadow and ends in the vineyards of Tomaj by the House of Kosovel.

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