The diverse and varied terrain of this karst landscape offers endless possibilities for off-road cycling.


The Karst under your feet

One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking.


Rock Climbing

Climbing on the natural cliffs


The Underground World of the Karst

The limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface.

Postojna cave & Predjama castle

Length: 5300 m
Depth: 115 m
Duration of tour: 1 h 30 min
Postojna Cave is the largest cave of the Karst and is also the most visited cave in Europe. The cave has been open to tourists since 1819. The cave train, which is a unique feature of the cave, was installed only half a century later.
Throughout the millennia, the underground stream of the Pivka River has penetrated through the limestone and created a complex system of 20 kilometres of tunnels and chambers through which we can observe the cave’s beautiful stalactite formations. On our way we will see the proteus, which has historically been known as the dragon's baby. Now this animal is known all over the world and has become the hallmark of the Postojna Cave.
During our guided tour you will learn about how this cave was formed, what its role was during World War II, you will learn about the features of cave formations and the underground fauna, and thus become familiar with the underworld you might not have known about. Not far from the cave is the Predjama Castle, which was the residence of the stubborn and headstrong knight Erazem. The visit to Postojna Cave, together with the surrounding park and the Predjama Castle is an ideal trip for individuals, groups or families with children.

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