The diverse and varied terrain of this karst landscape offers endless possibilities for off-road cycling.


The Karst under your feet

One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking.


Rock Climbing

Climbing on the natural cliffs


The Underground World of the Karst

The limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface.


Fly over hills and valleys, observe the landscape from a bird's perspective, play with the wind and feel an enormous sense of freedom. Paragliding is the closest we can come to experiencing what birds might be feeling, and for many this sensation has become a way of life. Of course, paragliding requires suitable equipment, extensive knowledge and experience. For those of you who already have what it takes, Villa Dane might be perfect for paragliding activities, as it is located in the heart of the surrounding paragliding take-off sites. For others who want to experience this special feeling, we offer tandem flights with the latest equipment and with experienced and licenced tandem pilots.


Due to its microclimate and its surrounding hills and hillocks, the Karst is an excellent place for paragliding. Separating the hills are wide plains, plateaus and karst fields. Suitable take-off sites include Vremščica, Slavnik, Socerb, Nanos, Čaven, Kovk and other surrounding hills, depending on weather conditions. The length of flights also depends on weather and thermal winds, but ranges on average between 15 and 45 minutes.


To ensure your safety before, during and after the flight, you will be accompanied by experienced instructors. To have as much fun as possible, we encourage you to fly in hiking shoes and sports clothes. Don’t forget your camera to capture the most exciting moments in the air.


Tandem flights can also be booked in the form of a gift certificate so that you can surprise your partner or your friends with a truly original gift.


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