The diverse and varied terrain of this karst landscape offers endless possibilities for off-road cycling.


The Karst under your feet

One of the countless opportunities for leisure activities that the Karst has to offer is hiking.


Rock Climbing

Climbing on the natural cliffs


The Underground World of the Karst

The limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface.

The Underground World of the Karst

jamarstvoThe limestone structure of the Karst surface and the specific microclimate of the region have created an extraordinary landscape both above and below the surface. Thousands of years of water seeping through the porous rock have resulted in numerous landforms such as sinkholes, depressions, caves and potholes. It was precisely these dark, large and seemingly endless caves that stirred people’s imagination as far back as in ancient times. People associated them with various mythological creatures and were somehow afraid to defile them. Interestingly enough, the first tourist visits to Vilenica Cave were recorded in as early as 1633; it was, of course, the wealthier class who could afford to go on such explorations of the unknown world.

One of the first serious researchers of the Karst underground to document his explorations was Gregor Žiberna, a.k.a. Tentav, an eccentric man from Divača, who discovered and described most of the now known Karst caves. To date, countless caves have been discovered and walked through, but for safety reasons and access difficulties only few are open to guided tours. In most of these, visits are still only possible with extra lighting. The sensitive underground karstic world is thus preserved from the excessive burdens of human contact and its consequent destruction.

In recent years this area has also become known for the so-called cave trekking, which allows us to learn more about the world beneath the surface. Here you will find majestic chambers enveloped in a unique atmosphere of silence and darkness. Many formations here are remarkable works of art that were created over centuries or even millennia. This makes them especially valuable and worthy of respect.

At Villa Dane we have prepared a selection of possible trips to the caves, depending on your desires and physical abilities. You might wish to explore the well-known and popular caves with world-famous attractions. Those more daring can opt for a guided tour of less popular and therefore more mysterious and more genuine caves in this area.

Divača cave

Divača Cave is one of the lesser known caves in this area. Its beautiful stalagmites, sinter formations, cypresses, curtains and candles are a few examples of the wealth of speleological forms it has to show its visitors.



Dimnice cave

The Dimnice Cave consists of two pits that are about 40m deep and linked by a tunnel. In winter, cold air descends through the larger pit and pushes the warmer air out through the small pit.

Vilenica cave

Vilenica is one of the oldest caves in this area and at the same time also the oldest tourist cave in Europe. For centuries this cave stirred the imagination of locals, who believed that fairies (Slo: vile) resided in this cave. This is how the cave got its name - Vilenica.

Postojna cave and Predjama castle

Postojna Cave is the largest cave of the Karst and is also the most visited cave in Europe. The cave has been open to tourists since 1819. The cave train, which is a unique feature of the cave, was installed only half a century later.

Škocjan nature park

The Škocjan Caves is one of the longest cave systems in Slovenia and certainly the most famous complex of caves in the Karst. The whole cave system was formed by the Reka River, which you will see repeatedly when crossing the cave.

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